Yes, I’m now a Software Engineer

This blog post is long overdue. I’ve had a few messages from people asking what happened, if I finished Dev Bootcamp, if I achieved my goal. The very short answer is the subject of this post: Yes, I’m now a Software Engineer.

I didn’t suddenly die mid-way through Dev Bootcamp when I stopped writing daily posts – I was just incredibly busy. I’ll writeup a full summary of Dev Bootcamp, my job search and the first couple of months of my job sometime soon.

(NB: personally I’ve grown to dislike the term ‘Software Engineer’ a little, but it’s my official job title and the subtitle of this blog is “Becoming a Software Engineer”)

3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m now a Software Engineer

  1. Hi Jayrobin! Congraz to you becoming a software engineer. I really appreciate your sharing dailies and stories on your blog. It’s very detailed and inspiring. It convinces me even more that taking a step on Dev bootcamp is a right move. However, I’m not a Native English speaker and I’m quite concerned about the interview. I only had one interview on campus and it went pretty awkward even though I still got the job….Were there any non-native English speakers in your class? How do you suggest to prepare for it. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Yuxiang! While I was attending, there were at least a handful or non-native English speakers who attended and graduated Dev Bootcamp. I can’t say with any certainty how you would fare in the interview or program, but from your comment your English certainly seems more than good enough to not be an issue.

  2. Hey Jayrobin, thanks for blogging your journey!

    Would be invaluable to hear about how things ended, what it was like finding a job, did everyone find work, what it’s like actually doing this stuff professionally. That sorts of thing :)

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