Where I’ve been

I certainly haven’t given up on my education and projects, regardless of the lack of updates. In fact, I’ve been focusing a little on my other passion: game development.

I’m not a particularly great game developer, but I do really enjoy it. I’ve been making games in Flash for nearly 6 years (very on and off) and my games have been played a sum total of around 10+ million times (90% of that from my three most popular ones).

So why the sudden shift from Ruby back to game development? Well I always jump back into it when I have a particularly good idea, or I just need a creative outlet, but this time it was for Ludum Dare.

Ludum Dare is a 48-hour game development competition run over a weekend. At the start of the weekend a theme is posted (this time being ‘minimalism’) and you must create a complete game fitting the theme before the time is up. Your game is then peer-reviewed for 3 weeks before the winners are announced.

So why would I do this? For money? There are absolutely no prizes, monetary or otherwise. For glory? Perhaps – it’d be great to say that I’ve won a game development competition. For fame? Also perhaps, the winning games usually get a fair amount of attention from gaming press, and some will go on to be developed into full games, occasionally making it onto Steam.

To be honest, the main reason I do it is to challenge myself. Very few people can ever say they’ve even tried to make a game. Even fewer can say they’ve *finished* making a game. Being able to make and finish a game from scratch is something to be proud of, and something I doubted I could do until I finally tried it for myself.

Will I win? Probably not – there are nearly 2,500 entries, many of which are amazingly awesome. Frankly I don’t really care that much: I worked my arse off for 48 hours (well, 26 actual working hours in those 48) and created something I’m really proud of, which other people seem to be really enjoying, and that’s enough of a prize for me (cue sappy sitcom theme, and fade-out).

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