A collection of things I’ve made over the past few years:

  • Lazy Cexio: A rails app to automatically re-invest profits on cex.io
  • Ruby Hangman: A ruby implementation of Hangman, against a near-unbeatable AI player
  • Ruby Elite: A ruby implementation Elite, based on Text Elite by Ian Bell
  • Landscape Studio: the software output of my CS dissertation – a terrain generation suite
  • I Quit! Must Dash: my latest game, released for both iOS and Flash. Uses a rails back-end to manage the upload and download of user-made levels
  • Lone Defender: one of my earlier Flash games, set during the blitz with you controlling an AA-gun
  • Linkaball: one of my first Flash games, which was sponsored by CrazyMonkeyGames
  • More Flash games
  • Even more Flash games

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