Hello, World.

So I’ve decided to ‘reboot’ my career and become a proper developer. A blog seems like an adequate method to chronicle this journey – I realize few if any may read it, but the primary purpose is to serve as a journal for myself so I can occasionally look back and think “boy, I’ve made a fair amount of progress!” when I inevitably hit countless brick walls along the way.

To set the scene, I’m currently in a quite nice, comfortable, yet intellectually unfulfilling job. My work day consists of numerous meetings, an avalanche of emails, answer phone messages, conference calls, spreadsheets, presentations and project plans. Basically, I’m a project manager. Don’t get me wrong – I happen to think a good project manager is a necessary part of a good project; it’s just that after 7 years I feel the need for a change.

After a lot of thought, introspection, consideration, mulling, meditation, and drinking, I’ve decided I want to become a developer. Not a hacker or a code monkey, a software engineer. I want to be able to write beautiful code, create maintainable applications, and add value to projects and the development community overall.

I at least have a bit of a head start: I have a CS degree, though haven’t really ‘used it’ as such – very few projects where I work involve finite state machines or neural networks, for example. I’ve also always had an interest in development, constantly hacking away on various side projects in numerous languages.

I’ve done a fair amount of research and have decided to (initially, at least) focus on Ruby on Rails. It appears to be a great framework and quickly rising in popularity. I’ve literally just started reading through Eloquent Ruby and, in tandem, am going through the Code Academy Ruby track. Let’s see how this goes…

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