Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 2, Day 6

Another Saturday at DBC means another self-assessment. This one was obviously harder than last week, but still pretty straightforward. Rather than attempting to speed through it as fast as possible, I made sure to focus on good OO design and paying attention to my development and testing process.

Next week we’ll be looking at Sinatra, SQL and ActiveRecord, so I wanted to spend this weekend reviewing as much OOP as possible. After an exhausting week I decided to sleep in and so didn’t get into DBC until about 2pm, but as well as my self assessment I did manage to do some reading on variable scope and various design patterns that could be applied for the Todo project from Wednesday.

A few of us in the cohort decided to delve a bit deeper into APIs, rails, JS and ruby by brainstorming and putting together a small project. We came up with a few interesting ideas and settled on one which I think could be useful to DBCers, manageable and quite extendable, so I’m pretty excited about it. After completing my weekend work, I got straight on with spiking and experimentation, and managed to put together my first ruby gem (which I’ll link to here once it’s actually on!).

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