Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 2, Day 2

Last night I downloaded the Sleep Cycle iPhone app – it’s supposed to monitor your movement and sounds while you’re sleeping to determine where you are in your sleep cycle and wake you up during your lightest sleep. I didn’t expect much from it, given that I share a bed, and I’ve generally been pretty exhausted over the past week and a half. However, with the magic of whatever magic it uses to track my sleep, it woke me up right when I was drifting between a weird dream and slightly awake. I did snooze a bit, but the great thing about the snooze on Sleep Cycle is that it reduces the length between snoozes more and more until your required wake up time.

Anyways, onto the day itself. The morning lecture was on Blocks, Procs and Lambdas: I already knew some of the major points (e.g. Lambdas being strict about the parameters, and Procs returning out of the entire method), but I did learn a lot more about the purpose of ‘&block’ in ruby.

The morning challenges drove home a lot more core OOP principles, including coupling and cohesion, but they were a bit tedious and didn’t feel too relevant. I did, however, have some great discussions with my pair about how to appropriately model classes and reduce dependencies.

The afternoon challenge was pretty open ended: we had to build a representation of a hospital database system. In the afternoon lecture we watched a live coding session of a question/answer database being built, so we took some lessons from that and implemented a simple MVC pattern and stored patient/employee records in CSV, then added a CLI to view/add/remove patient records and login as different employees.

Since it was a Tuesday, we ended the day with an ‘Engineering Empathy’ lecture. The phase 2/3’s had been talking about this particular one since we got here, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kareem Bishay is a great presenter and I feel like I learned a lot, but the exercises were incredibly draining. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that afterwards everybody was ready to go home. Thankfully, my pair and I had about 2 minutes of coding left on the day’s challenges, so we quickly finished that up and then went for a drink.

3 thoughts on “Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 2, Day 2

  1. Hey! Came across your blog a few weeks back as I’m currently prepping myself for my Phase 0 (which begins on Aug 25). I’m enjoying your updates so far to help keep people like myself informed. Where are you currently enrolled- NYC, Chicago or San Fran? Best of luck to you!

    • Hi! Glad to know that there’s at least one person out there reading this :) I’m in San Francisco, which I chose because I fell in love with the city when I came to visit a few years back. Aside from occasional Google+ posts and remote pairing during phase 0, there doesn’t seem to be any inter-city communication so I can’t comment on Chicago/NYC, but I am loving DBC San Francisco so far. Where will you be attending?

  2. Oh that’s awesome! I’m pretty jealous honestly. I’m going to be doing the cohort in NYC because…well…I live here already and I’m from here so when I’m broke and have no job by the time this is over, I can at least sleep in my parents garage or something haha. If you wanna friend me on FB, I’d love to chat more sometime whenever you have free time and wanna vent about whats going on over there. I’d love to hear about it! Talk soon!

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