Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 1, Day 3

The day started as always with a check-in with my accountability group followed by ‘aha’ moments with the cohort. The morning lecture was on data structures and the concept of ‘truthiness’ (i.e. in ruby, only ‘false’ and ‘nil’ are truly false – everything else is true).

There was a few morning challenges, the first of which I skipped as I was comfortable with accessing multi-dimensional arrays. I didn’t get to the rocket challenge (basically bonus challenges), but I did at least complete the core ones:

  • Populating a tic-tac-toe grid randomly and fairly (e.g. 4 ‘x’s and 5 ‘o’s or vice-versa)
  • Converting a nested array structured like a table, into an array of hashes
  • implementing stack, queue and linked list in ruby

The afternoon lecture was given by Sherif Abushadi on regular expressions. I thought it was fairly well done and Sherif gave some great analogies and use cases for regexes which I could tell helped solidify the core concepts for a few people. The PM challenges weren’t too bad, but I did get stumped for a while by the last one:

  • ‘Orange tree’ OOP challenge
  • Reviewing enumerable methods
  • Reviewing regular expressions using SSNs
  • Implementing a prime factorization method

We also had a group challenge, where each group had to pick two interesting methods from the enumerable module and produce some sample code and act out how the method works using interpretive dance (optionally) – our group chose the partition and zip methods, the latter of which was key to solving one of the AM challenges.

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