Dev Bootcamp: After the interview

I had my Dev Bootcamp interview at 2130 on 13th March 2014 and at 0900 on 14th March 2014 I received an email confirming that I had been accepted. This was obviously a great way to start the day and I immediately jumped onto the Dev Bootcamp application site to see what forms I had to fill in.

The remaining forms were all very standard – personal details, emergency contacts, preferred cohort etc. After taking and uploading the best profile picture I could manage with an iPhone camera and terrible lighting, I paid my $1,000 deposit.

About a day later I received another email confirming my entry into my selected cohort, with Phase 0 beginning 2nd June and Phase 1 beginning 4th August. I did have an option to get into an earlier cohort if a place opens up, but I selected against that as I’m still in the process of obtaining my VISA.

The plan for the next two months (pre-phase 0) is to read all the books on the suggested phase 0 prep reading list, and write as much Ruby/HTML/CSS/Javascript as my fingers can manage.

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