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I’m a late twenties Project Manager who’s decided to say goodbye to GANTT charts and Powerpoint decks and reboot my career to become a developer.

Follow me on my journey and please correct me if I make any obvious stupid errors!

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  1. Hey, your answer helped me alot, but is that all that needs to converted? Or is there more? So all I have to do is scan through it all make sure its been changed and done? Also is haXe powerful enough to make a 3d game? When I mean 3d not something like the pixilated flash games I mean something with decent graphics when compiled to something that can run it like java? Thanks please reply ASAP!

    • Based on my experiencing with converting from AS to Haxe so far: that cheat sheet, Find and Replace, and a couple of manual tweaks should be enough. Haxe is definitely be powerful enough for 3D graphics, but this isn’t something I’ve looked into myself: I’m not aware of any well supported 3D libraries for Haxe out there, so unless you want to take on the mammoth task of developing one yourself, you may want to consider looking elsewhere. For 3D I’ve heard very good things about Unity: like Haxe, you can compile to multiple targets including mobile; there is a huge amount of support, books and tutorials; and the base version is free (I think you would need to buy the pro version to release a commercial game, but I could be wrong).

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